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Success and Expiration Dates


Have you ever wondered how long you are allowed to be proud of something you’ve accomplished?

As I struggle mentally with maintaining my weight loss, I wonder what right I have to feel like I’ve done something good with my life if it can slip away so quickly. When I scan my brain for other things I have accomplished, I immediately think of my education. Is that something that I will ever stop being proud of? Unlikely, because I put it into action daily (though EXTREMELY imperfectly)! I did it, and I’m doing it.

I’ll cut to the chase – what if my fairly toned outside matches my fat inside again? Would it be foolish to be proud of the year that I’ve had if I let myself go, so to speak? It’s like the jackass who says he didn’t beat his wife – today. He’s still a wife-beater! Okay, so I’ve had a relatively healthy 16 months. Don’t I have to keep doing it until I’m dead to count myself successful?

Does yesterday count for anything if today sucks?

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