I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

Bucket List

1. Starting the Bucket List

2. Finish the Bucket List for 2014

3. Not be scared of Red Rocket

4. Figure out how Red Rocket really works, like shifting and stuff

5. Drink while riding Red Rocket

6. Average 20 mph on Red Rocket

7. Learn how to pace myself in the water

8. Ironman

9. Get Married

10. Stay Married (Someone remind me to update this just before one of us dies)

11. Have one of those children thingies, mostly so I can say for myself whether a full Ironman or childbirth is more difficult

12. Go to Mozart’s birthplace

13. Visit Germany

14. Visit England

15. Play a concerto with an orchestra

16. Learn Brahms 1st Piano Concerto

17. Maintain my current weight (within a 10 pound range) until I’m 30 so I know it’s not a fluke

18. Give a piano recital featuring African-American composers

19. Give a piano recital featuring French composers

20. Visit Serbia

21. Attend a US Open

22. Go to Sony Ericsson

23. See Earth Wind and Fire Live

24. See Stevie Wonder Live

25. See Parliament Funkadelic Live

26. Go to a Gaither Homecoming

27. Ironman 70.3

28. Marathon

29. Record an album of arranged hymns

30. Present at a professional conference

31. See Ravi Zacharias speak

32. See Charles Swindoll speak

33. See Charles Stanley speak

34. Participate in a piano festival as a grown up

35. Ride a horsey!

36. Run the original Athens Marathon

37. Run in the 50 largest metropolitan cities in the United States

Comments on: "Bucket List" (2)

  1. #27… DO IT!! Red Rocket is begging you!!

    #28… DO IT!! I have one planned for 9Nov14!!

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