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Thanksgiving, Day 7

1. Provided that I don’t die of boredom on the elliptical, I’m thankful that I’m going to complete the challenge issued by one of the ministers.

2. The ability to go to church. There are many who wish to be able to worship in community with other Christians but are physically unable. I need to remember this when I am occasionally grumbling about one more thing on my to do list.

3. Prayer. I love that I don’t have to be at church to talk (and listen!) to the Lord.

4. Strangers. Most of them will remain that way, but I know God uses them in my life to help me grow, like in traffic and stuff.

5. Parents of my students. I am super blessed to work in a place where the vast majority of parents are invested in their children’s growth.

6. Workout gloves. Gotta protect the moneymakers.

7. The fact that I have to work fairly hard to maintain physical fitness. Some people seem like they can do whatever they want, which probably isn’t the case, but I know I can’t and appreciate it because it keeps me humble and driven.

8. The shape of my head. I can wear pretty much any style and it not be hilarious. Thanks again for the Caesarian, Mom!

9. Gas prices dropping!

10. Living a life that I don’t feel the need to escape from. So many people act a fool when they are out of work or away from home and seem absolutely miserable. It’s not my intent to judge others but dammit if you live in America and can afford to be bitching at a “Happy” Hour on a regular basis you should probably STFU and count your blessings.

That’s a wrap!


Thanksgiving, Day 5

This music teacher is loath to toot her own horn, but looking over past entries in my blog reveals that I am pretty thankful throughout the year! I am using some of today’s post to highlight people about whom I’ve previously written. These people regularly challenge me to be the best Lady J I can be. Consider this somewhat of a “greatest hits” kind of entry. 🙂

1. Zoe. That is, Zoe Jane Volkswagen. You don’t realize the stress you put your car under until you try to make your legs/bicycle do the same thing.

2. Red FREAKING Rocket.

3. Regularity. I won’t elaborate.

4. The Sexiest Ironman Ever.

5. Proactiv Plus. My skin is so clear now; it seriously has been a Godsend! I don’t break out like I’m 15 anymore.

6. Give the patience and excellence in coaching award to this chick. Now.

7. My stupid battery life on my stupid phone. Legit first world problem here, but waiting until my contract is up to upgrade is proving to be a serious lesson in patience. Clearly, it’s a lesson I must need.

8. This woman is all up in my life and thus my blog. For reals.

9. My not so great eyesight. I remember when I was at piano camp in high school and we had communal bathrooms – I could take my glasses off and it’s like the germs weren’t even there!

10. Nothing less than a 10 for Lady J. Heh.


Thanksgiving, Day 4

I fell asleep on the way TO Thanksgiving dinner and on the way FROM Thanksgiving dinner, so I missed my entry yesterday.

1. Other people who drive me around when I am tired. I’ve got so many people who still watch over my grown ass.

2. Second – and more – chances! I’m glad I was given one more day on earth to express how thankful I am for all of my blessings.

3. Grandma! My mom’s mother is the only grandparent I have left. I cherish her wisdom and sense of humor. I wish she could live forever!

4. My changing perspective on my weight and fitness. Ups and downs are to be expected and that kinda makes me human, not a failure.

5. My Garmin vivofit. It’s weird, I was already an active person when I bought it, but it really makes me want to move! I got one for my mother as well and it has also been another way for us to bond together. Especially when she beats me for steps for the day, heh.

6. Self-control. One of my favorite fruits of the Spirit. There are few things more empowering than saying “No” or “Not yet” and reaping the fruits.

7. Hats! I enjoy wearing my own, but I love wearing the ones worn by my grandmothers so faithfully as they serve(d) the Lord.

8. Family traditions. I am so blessed to have been born into a family that not only works together to keep traditions going but ensures that they are not kept blindly.

9. People that won’t give up on me even when I insist they should.

10. Waxed, flavored floss. Not sure why anyone would floss differently.


Thanksgiving, Day 3

Lady J has a lot on her mind tonight! This set of 10 is coming pretty early…

1. Sleep. I am grateful for the opportunity to rest at regular intervals.

2. Waking up each morning. I am thankful for every day; it is a new chance to bring glory to God. I come up short each day but clearly I have work to do as He keeps allowing me to awaken.

3. The doctor. I hate this guy. It doesn’t matter which one it is. But I am thankful for both the means to see him and a large enough percentage of what he says not being crap.

4. My massage therapist. Love, love, love this man. He helps me heal from all the foolishness I ask of my body.

5. My hair stylist. I mean, just look at me. Enough said.

6. Florida weather. Yeah, it’s blazing in the summer and can be a *tad* uncomfortable, but between November and April I see those poor jokers north of us and am pretty sure I am here to stay.

7. Prayers not answered the way I want them to be. It is truly amazing to be able to look back on my life and see why God has closed certain doors for me.

8. The ability to pray in the first place. I’m so glad I serve a God who cares about the needs and wants of Lil Lady J!

9. Running skirts. Never are my legs simultaneously so productive and attractive.

10. Drugs. The legal kind that help my foot with how I abuse it. Heh. I just had a shot.


Thanksgiving, Day 2

1. My “good” students. They fill my life with love and laughter and remind me that I count for something.

2. My “bad” students. I try to fill their lives with love and laughter and remind them that they count for something. I am driven to become a more loving person for them and because of them. Can’t be mad at that, though I can be annoyed in the moment…

3. Facebook. It’s great to be able to stay in touch with the amazing people in my life with such ease. Also, it’s a fantastic outlet for my wit.

4. My blog! Recording my thoughts in this manner has helped me to see just how cyclical my life and moods really are. I find myself whining about whatever is happening and then can say, “Hey! I remember getting through that! I wrote it down.” Pretty nifty!

5. The piano. Aside from my parents, this is the longest relationship I’ve had. Only God knew at the time how important learning this instrument would be; from helping to fund my higher education to being able to play for family functions, the piano is kind of a big deal.

6. A healthy body. “Oh no, I have plantar fasciitis!” Shut up, self. I’m richly blessed.

7. An amazing family. Everyone who knows us marvels at how tightly-knit we are. I have a crazy amount of love in my life.

8. My cousin Megan! She’s like a big sister that I don’t have to share a Mom with. It’s awesome to have a best friend to whom you are related.

9. Dancing. One of my favorite ways to express joy.

10. Being alive. There was a time in my life that was very dark and I questioned if life was even worth living. I can’t imagine having missed all these blessings! I thank God for each new day.


Thanksgiving, Day 1

One of the ministers at my church issued a challenge to think of 10 things each day this week for which we are thankful. I thought to myself, “No big deal! I got a million!” It’s true. I really do have a lot for which I am thankful. However, the introvert/perfectionist in me rolled her eyes when I realized that all of my blessings are related to other people. This holiday is supposed to be about eating an embarrassing amount of food, not being humbled by all the good in your life, dammit. Regardless, I’ve chosen to accept the challenge.

1. My relationship with Jesus Christ. He is my source of strength and none of the good in my life would be there if not for Him.

2. Daddy! An amazing man who loves and provides for his family and still strives to grow spiritually and mentally. Btdubs, he has a six pack despite his proudly sporting a 0.0 shirt. Can’t stand him.

3. Mommy! She pushes me to the best Lady J I can be and now that I’m an adult, it’s a privilege to be able to push back and grow with her. She’s pretty neat.

4. Music. Both a source of pleasure and stress, it’s weaved inextricably through my life and has helped me become the woman I am today.

5. Teaching. I get to help people see how awesome they are! I can’t imagine doing anything else.

6. Running. What better way to see the world?

7. Triathlon. What better way to spend the limited money I make from teaching?

8. Having always had a roof over my head.

9. My education, Sallie Mae notwithstanding. Can’t stand that heffa.

10. My smartphone, so I can blog and express my thankfulness from anywhere!

The pictures at the end of each post for the next week will be one of my favorite foods. *giggles* 10 more tomorrow!


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