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At this moment, we are waiting in a hotel lobby for a taxi to the airport. I just got off of a video call with my parents, who were happy to see me. It seemed as though we hadn’t been video calling all along through the last two weeks that Adonis and I have been in Greece. In fact, they seemed a bit nervous, and I believe it’s for the same reason that I have butterflies in my stomach.

Ζωή είναι ένψρανστη. Life is fragile.

As terrible as my reading of Greek is, I have much more control over that than I have over much else, from whether our cab makes it on time to the safety of our 31 hours of travel time back to our blessed home. I was both taken aback and appreciative yesterday as we went on our last ferry ride to see one of the crew members do a sign of the cross as we left the port. I assume that he makes that journey several times a week, but it didn’t appear that he took his lack of control for granted. The blue waters of the Aegean offer life for many but can pose a great threat as well. The brilliant minds who have made it possible for us to travel 5,764 miles within 31 hours cannot offer us a guarantee of a safe return.

If you are reading this, I ask that you pray for a safe journey for Adonis and I, who happens to be handling his nervousness by pacing around the lobby. Yes, I understand air travel is statistically very safe, and I expect to be in my bed tomorrow evening, but life is fragile. I thank God for this amazing trip, which I will be writing about more in a days (yes, I did find a race here), and ask for His continued protection on our journey home. Also, for some self-control at duty free. Amen.

Thanksgiving, Day 3

Lady J has a lot on her mind tonight! This set of 10 is coming pretty early…

1. Sleep. I am grateful for the opportunity to rest at regular intervals.

2. Waking up each morning. I am thankful for every day; it is a new chance to bring glory to God. I come up short each day but clearly I have work to do as He keeps allowing me to awaken.

3. The doctor. I hate this guy. It doesn’t matter which one it is. But I am thankful for both the means to see him and a large enough percentage of what he says not being crap.

4. My massage therapist. Love, love, love this man. He helps me heal from all the foolishness I ask of my body.

5. My hair stylist. I mean, just look at me. Enough said.

6. Florida weather. Yeah, it’s blazing in the summer and can be a *tad* uncomfortable, but between November and April I see those poor jokers north of us and am pretty sure I am here to stay.

7. Prayers not answered the way I want them to be. It is truly amazing to be able to look back on my life and see why God has closed certain doors for me.

8. The ability to pray in the first place. I’m so glad I serve a God who cares about the needs and wants of Lil Lady J!

9. Running skirts. Never are my legs simultaneously so productive and attractive.

10. Drugs. The legal kind that help my foot with how I abuse it. Heh. I just had a shot.


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