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One to Remember, One to Forget: Race Report 

As soon as I got engaged, I knew that a race would be involved in my wedding celebrations in one way or another. So far, this bridal business has been much like real life – I’m just a girl who loves to run and spend time with her loved ones and am happiest when I can combine them. 

I pride myself in having a diverse set of friends, in that some of them do not run. 😎 I must admit that while I enjoy walking, it feels weird to completely walk a race that is not for some sort of cause. I decided that bonding was a good enough cause but in order to have the best of both worlds I registered for a 10k to run and a 5k to walk. I had figured I would run the 10k by myself so I wouldn’t slow anyone down who feels similarly. 

I arrived at the start line and saw Social. 

Social is this cool chick whom I know via Blonde Oprah. We’ve done all the important things that women do together – running, triathlon, Starbucks – it’s pretty solid. She plays it pretty close to the vest – enough to the point where I feel like I am the extroverted one when we are together. Wanting to respect Social’s wishes, I told her what my approximate pace was going to be and told her she did not have to be Social. She said she hadn’t been running lately so it would be good.

With that, we were off. Aside from my asking her one more time if she wanted to lose me, we didn’t talk too much except to observe random awesomeness along the course, like a guy who outran us though he had sandals, a cane, and a skirt. 

I am unsure that Social knows how much I appreciated her next to me. I am convinced I must spend most of my waking hours pretending that the presence of others doesn’t make things any easier. I did much better than I expected to do that day. Had I been running by myself, I am sure my pace would have been slower. I can’t be a punk with Social by my side. 

Hopefully I’ll remember not to forget…

PS: 3132 was my 70.3 bib number! It had to be a great day! 

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