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Rest of the Year: Money. 

Finding ways to save can be tough.


The Good: 

1. I now have a regular budget. 

2. Creating said budget has made me realize how blessed I am, meme above notwithstanding. It is nice to know I don’t HAVE to be happier on the 1st of the month than I am on the 12th. 

3. I have accepted that the budget must be flexible. Sometimes things pop up, you know, like a wedding. 

Room for Improvement:

1. Eating out. Impacts both the wallet and the waistline. Sadly, it’s a weakness like budgeting itself. Humans with our sinful nature dislike boundaries. I don’t like thinking that I shouldn’t eat out because it’s bad for me in several ways, so I rebel. 

2. Now is the time where I’m supposed to be enrolling for retirement stuff at work. My goal over Thanksgiving is to look over the information and pick one of those grown up 401k thingies. 

Now I will have to learn to manage money with someone else! I don’t even know where to begin with what those kinds of resolutions could look like, but I am thankful that God provided me a way to get a head start on budgeting just in time! 😊

The Blessing of Budgeting

I wrote at the beginning of last month about my resolutions. I’m making it a point to be one of those people who actually does what she says as opposed to talking big and not delivering. Not just that, I’m going to write about it to keep myself accountable.

Today: money.

Some background information – money makes me really uncomfortable. I’ve tried budgeting many times in my twenties and given up shortly thereafter because something would come up. “Stupid sickness! Stupid nuptials!” or something else I didn’t plan for as I would have to trash my carefully crafted plan. It’s ironic – I believe my perfectionism is at the root of much of my disorganization. I can’t get it perfectly right, so why bother trying?

Apparently, I’m growing up. This time around, I have planned for things like gift giving and left a bit of space in my health and fitness budget for a stupid doctor. Creating boundaries has actually given me freedom, just like my parents always said it would, tee hee. “We tell you that you can’t go past THIS line on the driveway so you don’t have to worry about being so close to the street to get hurt while you ride your bike.” I wish they had used the bike illustration with my bank account earlier! I am much more at ease as I spend and save because of the boundaries I have set for myself. Yes, I am still adjusting, and March will look different than February, but I feel I am making strides toward being a responsible steward with what God has blessed me. Budgeting has helped me see just how much I have as opposed to feeling like I am scraping by. I know, I know – I’m slow! All of you probably figured this out like, a million years ago. Better late than never!


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