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Thanksgiving, Day 7

1. Provided that I don’t die of boredom on the elliptical, I’m thankful that I’m going to complete the challenge issued by one of the ministers.

2. The ability to go to church. There are many who wish to be able to worship in community with other Christians but are physically unable. I need to remember this when I am occasionally grumbling about one more thing on my to do list.

3. Prayer. I love that I don’t have to be at church to talk (and listen!) to the Lord.

4. Strangers. Most of them will remain that way, but I know God uses them in my life to help me grow, like in traffic and stuff.

5. Parents of my students. I am super blessed to work in a place where the vast majority of parents are invested in their children’s growth.

6. Workout gloves. Gotta protect the moneymakers.

7. The fact that I have to work fairly hard to maintain physical fitness. Some people seem like they can do whatever they want, which probably isn’t the case, but I know I can’t and appreciate it because it keeps me humble and driven.

8. The shape of my head. I can wear pretty much any style and it not be hilarious. Thanks again for the Caesarian, Mom!

9. Gas prices dropping!

10. Living a life that I don’t feel the need to escape from. So many people act a fool when they are out of work or away from home and seem absolutely miserable. It’s not my intent to judge others but dammit if you live in America and can afford to be bitching at a “Happy” Hour on a regular basis you should probably STFU and count your blessings.

That’s a wrap!


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