I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

What’s the word on 2015?

Though I did not write about it in my blog, I did have a theme word for 2015. 


How did I do, you ask? Well – it was tough. All of my resolutions revolved around achieving better balance, whether they were spiritual or financial. I found that there were things that I had wanted to do that I took for granted – for example, I assumed I would practice and train more than I actually did. I feel that I actually made the greatest strides financially. By the time the year ended, I had studied my insurance and 401k plans more carefully. I gave like I wanted to (to church). I saved so that partnering with Adonis, we will not take on any debt for our nuptial thingy. I suppose that because I was so laser focused on the money thing I failed with balance on the others. I’m still messy as hell. Still beat up on myself. Still difficult to discipline myself to read my Bible daily. Oh, still struggling to eat right. Sooooo I’m 1 for 6? Did I fail 2015? 

I’m not sure. I’m still here, I guess. That must mean something. 

God’s grace is sufficient. Let’s see if I am able to see any of 2016 right side up. 


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