I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

Beautiful Liar: Race Report 

I am one of the least honest people I know. 

I don’t say this to say I think I lack integrity. If you ask me anything, you can generally trust that my answer corresponds with reality, as long as it’s not time-related. I run, and I run late. 🙂 I mean that I lie to myself all the time. 

“I will wake up early tomorrow and finish my work.” Lies. 

“I will pick up those clothes this evening.” Lies. 

“I won’t go to Starbucks today.” Bold-faced lies. 

And thus the story of what will be my longest race of 2015 begins – with a lie. 

Now, for a variety of reasons, my longest run for the last 2 months has been 5 miles. Balancing injury and the almost wifey life has proven to be trickier than I thought. Also, sometimes I’m just lazy. Progress sometimes leaves less room for error, I feel. Anyhow, I was in South Florida for the weekend and I learned that I could run with my favorite athlete…

That’s right! Serena was repping MY sport, tee hee. I was close enough at one point to touch her but I decided I’d rather run the race than get clocked or go to jail. 

Lie of the Day

I will be happy, regardless of the result. I am not feeling well. I have not had a recent long run. I have no reason to expect that this will be an extraordinary quarter marathon. No pressure. 

Dirty liar. 

In my head, I had a goal of an 11 minute mile pace throughout the race, which would put me around 70 minutes. The 10k I ran in September was 1:16 and change and I actually, by some miracle, am more fit than I was then. 

I felt good as the race started, of course. Plan: walk only as you drink water. Plan going okay for miles 1, 2, 3. I ran (heh) into my cousin on the turn around, who was also running her first quarter marathon. Oh, hey not running more than 40 minutes recently! Turns out those long runs REALLY matter! Moreover, it was 80 degrees on Miami Beach at 8 AM when we started. I found myself dehydrated and having to take real walk breaks by mile 5 to break it up when my HR monitor yelled at me. I am glad I listened to it and didn’t hit my cussing threshold, tired though I was. While I was happy to see the finish line, I hadn’t quite reached desperation. 

Just like everything else in life, it helped when I thought of other people. Thinking of 3M and The Mentor helped take my mind off the moments of self-doubt. Though my time was 5 minutes slower than I wanted, there was actually a lot with which I can be pleased. 

  1. I did it. I wasn’t sure I could, but I did. 
  2. My HR didn’t get too crazy. 
  3. My Achilles didn’t nag me.  
  4. I got to see family.
  5. I saw Serena!
  6. Ray Allen only beat me by like, 20 minutes or so. I’m coming for him. 

Anyone want to volunteer to nag me to make sure I don’t miss any long runs before my half next month? I need people to keep my lying to a minimum…



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