I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

It’s not too often that I sign up for a race days before it is to take place, but like I said, I’m hungry for stickers. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a medal and a t-shirt. Let’s see how I run a 5k these days all by myself – no offense, Adonis. I love having you by my side but centering myself and focusing on my race – it’s pretty special. Plus, you can sleep in. 

I am not an amusement park person, so this was my first time at Legoland. Like Disney, we simply run through the park, but there is no free admission afterward. Whatevs. I think this park is for kids anyway. Oh wait,  I’m just a kid with a job. My strategy was to keep each mile at 10 something – definitely pushing for me but not too much, especially since I still was dealing with a cold that I couldn’t shake. Incidentally, I saw my doctor at the starting line. Who knew doctors actually do things they recommend? I might go back to her. 

I started toward the back with the thought of moving up as the race went along. I checked my watched frequently to make sure I was maintaining my desired pace. I coughed. I hacked up a partial lung. Doc was nowhere in sight. I pressed on. 

Aside from the coughing, I felt pretty strong. The former Cypress Gardens is beautiful. I saw the Water Park and made plans to frolic there later. I thanked God at each mile marker and grinned as I made the final turn. Evidently, the finish was just outside the park entrance, but the only reason I knew that was because that was where the medal holders were. No finish line sign?! I felt gypped, but otherwise I really loved this race and can’t wait to do it again with my family next year, especially since I think that’s the only way I can get them to come to the park. Great weather, well-organized. 18 out of 73 in my AG! I may be coughing but that’s better than sucking! Whee! 


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