I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

5. To put at least 15 minutes a day into housework.

Welp. I can’t say that I have actively set a timer for myself or anything. However, I have most definitely turned over a new leaf! In the first few weeks of the year, I did some major cleaning in my room – threw out several bags of things I no longer use and collected things to donate. The other half of my queen size bed is no longer haven to clothes I haven’t gotten around to putting away. When I do laundry, I am much better at immediately hanging or folding them. I think this may be the longest there has been so much walking space in my room, sadly whoa yeah!

I am finding that living a more organized life makes for less stress. When each thing has a place, I don’t have to live on the edge quite so much. Knowing that cleaning isn’t going to be some epic thing that will take all day is a huge weight off of my shoulders. Perhaps just doing a little at a time is all I need. I find myself just getting up and doing things rather than putting it off because I enjoy the clean space. It is making me want to organize my work space in my classroom as well. Whoa.

NB – I will be updating this resolution frequently, as deep cleaning will have to happen this year. It’s scary to think of how much I have accumulated in 29.75 years. I am curious to see how I will handle the planning and execution!

Other NB: I’m not sucking at this, either:

1. This one is the most important. I know whatever comes below will be executed imperfectly. I resolve to give myself the freedom to be imperfect without beating myself up.



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