I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

“Just have fun!”

I’ve never been more insulted in my life.

The words in the title of this post were uttered by my dear Coachie. I was explaining to her that my long runs were proving to be hard on my left foot and that I am just mentally drained. She tells me, “You’re going to have most of next year to feel this way. Save your foot. Relax. Please consider a shorter distance in Jamaica. Just have fun!”

How could you say that to me?

I had been planning to do this marathon in Jamaica since my birthday in May. I know I have the endurance to complete it since I did my 70.3. Coachie says she knows I would finish as well. These long runs, though! They just be so damn LONG, know what I mean? I suppose she is right – my season this year was fairly action packed. Nonetheless, it’s difficult not to feel like a slacker when I was planning to run a marathon and am going to run 10k instead to save my foot and my brain from fatigue.

Am I allowed to go to Jamaica and “just” run 10k? I am a practical person and do realize that this decision will allow for at LEAST 4 additional hours of drinking on the beach, but I am struggling not to feel like I’ve failed somehow. I was supposed to end my year like a badass by running my first marathon in another country and now I’m not.

Perhaps I have failed, but not in the way I think. I do have a habit of stretching myself fairly thin and becoming mad at myself for needing rest. As good as I look, I am a finite person with human needs for relaxation. Seriously, Coachie – I forgot that I have limits. Thank you for helping me to embrace those as well.


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