I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

If you got married between 2011 and early 2014 and I was in attendance at your wedding, chances are I was sitting in the back, rolling my eyes. Don’t get it twisted – the super single Lady J is no hater. Nor is it that I don’t have good examples of healthy, long-lasting marriages; my parents just celebrated their 35th anniversary. I believe it was a function of having reached my late twenties and starting to see the marriages of some of my friends who got married when I was in my early twenties start to fall apart. The infamous 50% divorce rate bounced around in my head as I watched people exchange vows. “Wonder which one of them will take the gift I brought in 5 years? Hard to split a toaster in half.” Either way, I would dutifully follow social protocol and feign excitement. “Why are people crying? Anyone can buy a dress, hire makeup artists and say some words.
Talk to me when you’re still married in ten years. Then you’ll have earned that toaster, for reals.”

Of course, this naturally leads me to registering for my first Ironman. Just hear me out, y’all.

Immediately after registering, I checked my email to ensure that everything had processed correctly.


“Congratulations.” For what? I haven’t done anything. No finish line. Not even a half hour of training. All I did was give you a sizable percentage of my paycheck and here you are congratulating me. Anybody can register for a stupid race. Apparently, my friends are on board with WTC.

Welcome to the journey.


Well done.

What is wrong with everyone?

It is strange to think that I registered for my first race ever just 20 months ago. I remember how excited The Mentor was when I told her what I had done. I reflect upon how I have felt as I’ve registered for subsequent races – usually nervous, occasionally excited. It is only looking back that I see my bravery ended at the finish line but started when I clicked “submit.”


So when you all have a wedding, it’s like you’re clicking submit! That IS a pretty big deal. We both may DNF, but I buy running shoes long before I cross the finish line. I suppose you can have a toaster and some other stuff to equip you for your epic journey.



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