I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

I feel kinda cheesy writing this one. Heh. See what I did there?

I’m just going to come right out and say it. If you know me at all, make sure you’re sitting down before you read what you’re about to read. Go ahead. I’ll wait.



Oh, Get a Grip Tri Team. If you don’t know already, I silently cursed your presence at St. Anthony’s. Nothing personal. You just served as a reminder that I’m “slow,” and I didn’t know you well enough to know that you most likely didn’t – and still don’t – see it that way. In the months leading up to this race, I have enjoyed getting to know you better as I have had to take what I see to be the scariest of all risks with you – being vulnerable.

I’m looking forward to seeing you, laughing with you, racing alongside/behind you. I don’t care anymore because I like you. I am stoked to support you and be…*clears throat.* Supported by you. In fact, I have been looking at your bib numbers and coming up with rhyming mantras you can chant to yourself as you go on Sunday. Because I’m the music nerd who cares.

To The Get A Grip Tri Team. Thanks for helping Lady J do it.



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