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Shoutout Series: The Mentor

The only thing I hate more than writing with a deadline is writing about someone so grand that I don’t think my words can do my admiration, respect, and love for her justice. Here goes nothin’!

I met The Mentor during my last year of college in 2005; we are members of the same music fraternity. However, it wasn’t until we were catching up in early 2012 that it really dawned on me how much fitness is a part of her life. I just knew she was a badass. When I vented to her that I was displeased with my weight gain and that I wanted to work out in the mornings before school, she vowed to text me each morning at 5:30. “Get your ass up! Go do something!”

As sporadic as my working out was at that time, she was faithful to her word. Regardless of how committed I was to myself, The Mentor was committed to me. No matter what I told her, she always cheered me on and I knew I could expect a text early the next day. “Get your ass up!”

When I finally started getting my ass up at regular intervals in 2013, The Mentor was still there to cheer me on. After successfully completing a 21 day workout program, I was looking for something new to try. She suggested I find a Couch to 5k plan and sign up for a race that corresponded with the plan so I wouldn’t back out.

My marathon running, triathlete friend would squeal with me as I reported being able to run 5 minutes without stopping on the treadmill. Soon after, she was just as excited when I ran outside for 20 minutes without stopping. After 8 weeks, she shrieked with me as I crossed my first finish line. This was followed by “Sign your ass up for a 10k!” And I did.

She has continued to encourage me through my first duathlon, triathlon, half-marathon, and now, my first half-ironman. I will forever be grateful for her friendship. There is nothing that I could say or do that can adequately express how thankful I am for The Mentor in my life. Because she is as committed to her own training as she is to those she loves, tomorrow she is going to crush her FULL ironman in Maryland. I say with great certainty that I cannot imagine having the courage to accomplish what I have these past two years without her in my life.

To The Mentor. Thanks for helping Lady J do it.


NB: I wish I had her butt.

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