I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.


“I’m predicting under 7:30,” she says.

She, of course, is Coachie. 7 hours, 29 minutes, and 59 seconds – or less – is now officially hanging over my head as my goal for my half-ironman. I had just said to her that I think I will finish in time (I have until 5:50 PM and I start at 9:12 AM) but apparently, triathlon coaches design plans with specific goals in mind for their clients. And share said goals with their clients. Who. Knew.

At first, I was bummed for a couple of reasons: 1) Now if I finish in 7:30:00 or longer, I didn’t meet my goal, 2) 7:29:59 or less is slow. So like, even if I make my goal, I’m still slow. Gross.

I confided in 3M that Coachie gave me a time goal. She asked me twice what it was and I wouldn’t tell her for the reasons I stated above. She then said regardless, she would be at the finish line waiting for me. Of course she will. She’s 3M. That’s what a 3M does.

After I bid her good night, I immediately regretted not telling her. I reflected on a post I saw on Facebook about a bike ride. “Easy ride,” the post read. “40-50 miles. 17-19 mph.” I laughed when I read it. “Easy for you, perhaps,” I thought to myself. When students in my class say bullshit like that, in an instance where they grasp something more quickly or are more experienced than another, I am in a place where I can reason with them and say “Hey. Maybe ‘easy’ wasn’t the best choice of words. It might not be a big deal for you but how do you feel when someone says something is easy when it is difficult for you?” The ones with no signs of conduct disorder reply sympathetically. With grown ups on Facebook, I just dismiss them as assholes. Then I make a second choice.

I. Will. Never. Be. That. Person.

I refuse to be the person that causes another person to be discouraged because I either A. Feel like I am not as good as I could be, whatever the hell I’ve made that out to be or B. do something with relative ease.

There are some who would rather die than finish a half-ironman in 7 hours and 30 minutes. I’m not worried about them. I thank God that I did not encounter some of these jokers before I got into racing. Not because they are faster than I am; don’t get it twisted, I’m no hater. I’m concerned with the people who are on the fence. The people who wonder if they have it in them to do things of which they never dreamed.

In 18 days, I have the privilege of trying something I never would have dared even a year ago. The only thing that could be more awesome than that is helping someone else to do the same.


NB: As my race draws nearer, I’m going to use my blog to give props to specific people in my life that are making this possible. You’ve been warned.

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  1. 7:30 is AWEsOME! YOU ARE AWESOME!

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