I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.


Calm down, Coachie. Heh. I love that Thursday is my planned rest day! During the school year, it allows for the perfect mental relief. “Today, I rest, tomorrow is Friday!” Winning! Moreover, I appreciate the logistical ease of rest day. It’s nice to feel like I wake up with something accomplished already. Rest (rimshot!) assured, Lady J observes this day and am not overtraining.

For triathlon.

Sooooo what does a triathlete do on rest day? “Ooh look, I don’t have a workout, WHY DON’T I SCHEDULE MY PIANO LESSONS?!” Logistical ease, right? Roll out of bed and instead of immediately cursing my fins/helmet/weights/sneakers, I curse Brahms. Brilliant. I mean, I have my recital in – uh. OMG 41 days! I must make time to practice and get feedback.

And make time, I have. There have been days when I’ve put in six hours at the piano. Not just goofing off kind of six hours but tedious, combing over pieces kind of six hours. It’s been fantastic, and I am pleased that this amount of practice is not only coming with (relative) ease but moments of joy as well. However, I have not practiced at levels like this since I was preparing for my last solo recital ohhhh, I don’t know. SIX YEARS AGO!!

I wouldn’t say that I’m going from sitting on the couch to running a full marathon, so to speak. I do play the piano fairly regularly. I teach, I demonstrate, I perform occasionally. Perhaps it is more like having run a marathon before, maintaining an elemental fitness base, and deciding I should do a marathon again. With a completely different body/mind.

Lady J is finding herself TIRED, y’all. My brain spins from practicing that much. The first two weeks of summer have come and gone and while I’ve cherished the respite of not having to go into work each day, I don’t think I’m getting the mental vacation that I need. I must do something to ensure that I give my mind and spirit the rest it deserves. I have respected my body enough to do the same. If I am not careful, August will be here, I’ll have given a damn good show (looking fine as hell, thank you Augusta training) and I will not have taken one legit rest day. Problem.

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