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The New Normal?

Welp. I got my race packet. Scoped out the course. Ran and swam a bit. Also, breaking news – my swim wave was pushed forward so I have 61 minutes to complete my swim instead of 35. I must confess, though I am relieved that I don’t have to (read: shouldn’t) worry about finishing on time, I am a little bummed. :-p Come on, God, I need to keep my blog juicy and that story would have been awesome. Alas, it is not mine to tell – probably. We’ll see for sure tomorrow. 🙂

All this – not fearing for my life or wondering what is going to go wrong. It’s WEIRD. I am NOT comfortable being comfortable. At the expo today I didn’t even feel out of place. What the hell is wrong with me? This will be triathlon number four, and the kind of panic that I’ve grown accustomed to kept me company for my first three. Now it’s just me and God, I guess. Could it be that I can expect to have fun and do well tomorrow? Without being ridiculously nervous? But that wouldn’t be



I be like Tevye with my anxiety, y’all.

I’m thankful that tomorrow, I am able to be brave in a brand new way. God’s been doing this faithfulness thing a long time. He’s been surprising me with joy. Maybe it’s time I stopped being surprised. Tomorrow – I am going to smile at the shore. It…is…gulp. Well, maybe I’m not ready to say it’s going to be a good day. But I’m excited to eat afterward! There’s going to be an afterward!

Baby steps.



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