I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

Okay. I’m a week out from my next International Distance Triathlon. I survived St. Anthony’s, I’ve been training fairly diligently – with others! and things seemed to be going okay. So I had been starting to get nervous that I wasn’t getting nervous. Typically, there is something that is freaking me out at this point before some event and I’ve been feeling pretty good, which concerned me. Why should I feel good when SO MUCH COULD GO WRONG?

And then the swim waves were posted.

Guess who is in the last wave?
Hint: the same girl who is genuinely concerned about finishing the swim before they close the course. All these jokers going before me can savor the swim but my slow butt has to actually RACE through it to ensure I can continue to the bike and run! I had just been lamenting that I still have trouble pacing myself in the water aaaaaaand now there’s this.

The coach says I’ve got it. Mom says the swim gods wouldn’t have put me there if I weren’t ready. Me? Of course, I am unsure. But, there is victory in not being completely terrified of the water, right? Pretty sure I should still be doing lesson plans for the last 2 weeks of school. I know God’s got His baby triathlete. Is she gonna finish on time? Only He knows.

I know this – He sure likes to keep things interesting.

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