I do it, and I do it big. Here's to not forgetting about it.

The Ultimate Copout


Well, Red Rocket is ready for tomorrow. Good for her. Meanwhile, I’m waiting on dinner with a new friend:


So my bike is in transition, I’ve got my race packet, and after I eat, off to the hotel I go to study the course map a bit and watch some of the Heat game before bed. As I was hanging around those I will be racing tomorrow, everyone seemed so happy and excited. I walked along the swim course and it seems like it took For. Bloody. Ever. What if I don’t belong here? I ask myself. Ooh wait, I’ve got a better one!

“How do I know The Lord wants me here.”

Now, let me say that I loathe when people play “the God card” for lack of a better term, in a way that is manipulative or disingenuous. But hey, it’s a good question for Christ followers to ask themselves at any given moment. Are your actions going to bring glory to God? Are they going to draw you closer to Him or pull you away? Maybe I feel out of place because the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE doesn’t want me here. Maybe tomorrow I’ll meet my end and see Jesus greeting me with a heavenly face palm. “Joan. 1500m in open water. What the hell? It’s as though you were asking to meet me 50 years early.”

All right. So let’s put the question to the test since I’ve got it on the table.

1. Will this action bring glory to God?

Well, I consider my weight loss to be a story of redemption. I am merely a steward of my body – I’m a soul with a body that God has given to me to maintain. I abused it with overeating and was blessed with more days to do better. I have been doing better at a healthier weight. Because I am healthier, I can love Him and those around me better. Tomorrow is pretty much classic Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Damn. Let’s see if it passes the next test.

2. Is this action going to draw me toward God or away from Him?

Considering that I’ve signed off Facebook and have been all up in the Bible (well I can’t see what my friends are up to – what is GOD up to lol!), this one is a pretty definite yes. I’ve said before that I tend to turn to God when I am most desperate and holy crap triathlon does it for me. That’s a whole heap of water in that Gulf of Mexico. He put it there. He’s in control. Thank goodness that I’m not.

Ugh. This copout didn’t work. Maybe I’ll oversleep. 😉


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